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"Only the truth of who you are, if realized, will set you free." -Eckhart Tolle

The Things I Do For Love

on October 14, 2013

It’s been a while since I’ve posted something here and I am getting antsy from not writing! The thing is, I have blog posts composing in my head all day long. And children’s books and novels and letters and ideas and poems, and even some scholarly papers. All. Day. Long. Words play in my head all day long. When I was little and riding in the ‘boot’ of our station wagon on long trips, I would tell myself stories to entertain myself. Obviously this was before DVD players in cars and iPads and smart everythings. I often wish I could multitask with typing being one of the tasks.

Oh how I wish I could type and shower or type and drive or type and appear attentive at meetings or type and watch Scandal or type and drift off to sleep or type while grading students’ papers or type while cooking or type while folding laundry. Yep…my To Do list is now typed.  I’m waiting for that technological invention that will type as I compose in my head. It’s sure to be more impressive than the radio and I’ve already shared exactly how in awe I remain about the radio!

I love to write and not having the time I wish to have to write makes me think about the things I do for love. You see, one of the things I do for love is give up time to do what I love FOR love. Sometimes I impress myself immensely with the things I do for love. For example, last week I took a stuffed rabbit (AKA Piper Bunny who came to visit our home from Kaya’s pre-K) to my undergraduate class and had my students pose with her and even had her sit in a desk chair during class for photos. And then later I spent a good 4-5 hours of my quiet time and sleep time working on creating the journal pages to add to Piper Bunny’s journal! I’ll admit it took up that much of my time because of technological difficulties…more truthfully described as, “I did not know what I was doing while formatting the pages.” Regardless, I willingly and lovingly stayed up until 1AM trying to get it right. I might as well admit that formatting the pictures in this post was troublesome, too, so please bear with me.


Last week, I found myself traipsing across campus in my most uncomfortable (but cute) shoes to get to Kaya’s school and join her class as they walked out to the street to see GSU’s Homecoming Parade. Mind you, I had to very carefully type that last sentence about “homecoming” because I’m still not clear about the details of what a HOMECOMING is exactly and the fact that it’s related to some sport, which I was informed is football, makes it even less appealing to me. But there I was, in the name of love, standing on a street corner with a bunch of 4 year-olds, staring at the sun and waving at Miss GSU and various floats and golf carts. And I kinda liked it. Only just a little bit. Okay, it was, unexpectedly, fun to watch that parade. But just that one because I was with a little girl who was so happy to hold my hand while watching it AND I got to see some co-workers on one of the golf carts (which I believe could be referred to as a “float” except it didn’t). Oh the things I do for love.


And last Friday, despite being crazy tired as I was on double-duty with my husband out of town, I picked up my kids, came home for a change of clothes and headed out to a movie theater that is 30 minutes away and paid way too much for my kids to watch a movie in 3D (believe me, I was trying for the regular show but it was sold out) and then sat and also napped through a movie that could have been so much better with friends and cocktails. Seriously – can you imagine how much more fun it would be to watch tacos attacking you and shrimp dancing in 3D while sharing cocktails with friends????!!!!!!! THAT would be my idea of a good time. However, the amazing reclining seats at Phipps Plaza and the company of a good friend who gave up her Friday night to be with us made up for how exhausted I was. And… I kinda loved the the joy it brought to my kids to go to the movies.

Oh – and let me not forget this….

Take a careful look. This was something I took a bite of for love’s sake! This was a once-in-a-lifetime recipe created by my very own baby girl. The ingredients consisted of whole wheat bread, olive oil, sweet chili sauce, peanut butter, honey, stuffed olives, cheese, and maybe the kitchen sink. She was very excited about serving it up and waited eagerly for me to take a bite of it. And I did. I took a bite of it and chewed and swallowed it, y’all!!! I TOOK A BITE OF IT. If that’s not love then I don’t know what is. The things I do for love!

One more – Saturday night, after the aforementioned days with Brian away and he calls and says he’s on his way and will be arriving at the airport around 7:00ish. I love him, and the kids and I are excited about having him back home and I say I will be there with the kids to pick you up. Then he calls back five minutes later to say he missed his flight (random and forgivable situation) and he will be arriving at 9:40PM instead. And I promptly revise my evening plans to include showers and a trip to Target at 8:30PM with the kids to keep them up and us sane until it’s time to be at the airport. They were happy to be up to see their Daddy and all was as it should be with our family when we were reunited at 10PM at the end of a really long week. Love.

Oh the things I do for love.  Somehow, when love is at the heart of the matter, I rise up to the occasion and do the things I thought I could not do. Would not do. Often, I don’t even need to be convinced to do the thing. More often than not, it was my idea to begin with, to do the thing I thought I could not ever do. I suppose love really is THE THING that makes the world go round. THE THING that moves mountains. THE THING that keeps us coming back for more. THE THING that makes all the hard stuff in life just melt away so that all we see and feel is love. The things I do for love, in the end, turn out to be the things I do for myself, because there is no denying that it is in the midst of those very things that I know love certainly is all that matters. It is all I am and it is all we are.

I’ll do the things I love when I can and I will do the things I do for love every chance I get.

Truthfully yours,



3 responses to “The Things I Do For Love

  1. Its all love. We receive it but it is not ours to keep. We were designed to reflect it, and we are at out happiest, best selves when we allow the love to pass through us.

  2. Girl….you have done it again!!! This time with so much joy and humor, I am laughing instead of crying!!!!!!!!!!!! I can hear your voice saying all these things…and don’t you know I think about that thingamagingy technology that will “type while we think” so we can do other things ALL the TIME TOO! I love it! Okay so let’s get on this book thing! Love you Chica!

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