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"Only the truth of who you are, if realized, will set you free." -Eckhart Tolle

Like a Bridge

on June 11, 2013

Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco!

San Francisco!!!! Oh I love this city! There are so many ways to See Beautiful in this city! I just can’t get over it! From the hills and mountains and redwoods and Pacific Ocean to the rainbow flags and sourdough bread and cable cars and people, people and more people. I L-O-V-E this city and from the first time I visited it 10 years ago I’ve wanted to live it in. I got the chance to be there again a few weeks ago and was reminded of what I fell in love with the first time around. There is so much to love in this beautiful city where you cannot escape the incredible, surreal sceneries nor comprehend entirely how the weather can change within a few feet.

And then there are the bridges. You are never more than a few minutes away from the sight of the glowing Bay Bridge and the breathtaking Golden Gate Bridge! I could stare at this historic, most photographed and most recognizable rusty red bridge from all angles for hours. I love bridges. I have a long-standing fascination for bridges. I love the way they look and the interesting ways in which they are built. And I am fascinated by their beauty and strength.

There are so many beautiful bridges around the world that I have had the good fortune to see in Venice and Paris and Chicago and New York and London and Livingstone and New Orleans. And every time, EVERY SINGLE TIME, I am wowed by their beauty and regal structure as they stand tall and strong and delicate.

Brooklyn Bridge, New York

Pont Notre Dame, Paris

Livingstone-Victoria Falls Bridge connecting Zambia and Zimbabwe

Aside from their sheer beauty, I especially love what bridges represent. When I look at or cross a bridge, I can’t help but think about how the bridge is CONNECTING one place to another. Bridges connect people and places. Where there was a clear separation by water or some other difficult terrain, someone looked at what was getting in the way and found a way to “get over it.” It’s beautiful really. Bridges are a testament to the human spirit, where in the face of things that separate us, the spirit finds a way to connect. We are meant to connect to each other. Bridges are a clear statement that, no matter what, we CAN connect.

I believe  connection is what our human spirit craves. Maya Angelou described spirit as a soul’s longing for connection to The Great Spirit (AKA God in whatever language or term you prefer). I love that. Our spirit is what drives us to create those amazing, beautiful things  – the things that help connect us with God. When we create from our soul’s longing for God (our spirit), it’s always beautiful and it’s no surprise that when we put that work into the world, we connect with others. Our spirits recognize and connect to each other through those creations. Bridges connect my spirit to the people who thought of and designed the bridges in the same way as my spirit connects to Maya Angelou’s writing or Norah Jones’ music or a class with Dr. Asa Hilliard or Frida Kahlo’s paintings or the fun pattern on my new dress or a movie directed by Steven Spielberg or the architecture of I. M. Pei or this masterpiece:

That urge every single one of us feels to do something or make something is all the same. It’s all about our spirit feeling the longing of our soul to connect to The Great Spirit. I know I could ask anybody anywhere what she or he desires and I would be told of their soul’s longing to connect. And if there is any sort of restlessness within us, it is only because we are not immersed in the creation of that which is connecting to the great I AM. I know this to be true about myself. It’s why I’m writing about it today. When I feel restless, it is only because I am not creating something from my soul by my spirit. And then I know that I have to find a way to make connections. Build bridges. Despite the foreboding water or rough terrain. And seeing beautiful bridges reminds me that I can do this. I can build bridges and get over some of the most difficult and, sometimes, seemingly impossible challenges and find a way to connect to people…to their most human and beautiful soul. God.

Yup. Bridges are beautiful. The view of the Golden Gate Bridge floating in the clouds is particularly awe-inspiring to me. It’s an even clearer image of my spirit reaching up and out and connecting across whatever is of this earth. So, in what way is your soul wanting to create connections through your spirit? What is that THING you’ve been wanting…yearning to do? What is that gift you are going to give to the world? Maybe you already have it figured out and you are doing IT. Or maybe, like me, you’re being still and knowing it before you start building. Wherever you are, let’s get to it.

Truthfully yours,



2 responses to “Like a Bridge

  1. Bridges are beautiful. Even the proverbial ones – bridging a friendship between two souls you know would love each other. Bridging a relationship between siblings. Bridging memories from year to year. Bridging smiles by silly inside jokes. Bridging kindness around the world by giving. Bridging writing together by linking to others (um, thank you for that. Very much).

    You left us seeing beautiful.

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