The Truth of Who I Am

"Only the truth of who you are, if realized, will set you free." -Eckhart Tolle

21 Random Shortcomings, Facts, Habits & Goals About Me

on March 20, 2013
  1. Fact: I can’t stand to be touched while I’m eating. It makes me really uncomfortable – to the point I get those icky chills. It’s been a real challenge since I became a mother because very young children have a tendency to do that a lot.
  2. Fact: I love my family and friends really hard and treasure them like they have no idea.
  3. Goal: I want to own a kick-ass basement that is ideal for all kinds of fun parties and for just hanging out – I mean the mini theater, french doors that open out to a pool and outdoor hot tub, a great bar inside AND outside, all kinds of games including air hockey and ping pong.
  4. Fact: I went to a VERY rural school for grades 1-3 in a tiny town in Tanzania – Mzumbe – during President Nyerere’s time (socialist) and we had to carry a hoe (not a ‘ho’)to school once a week so we could work in the field – we actually planted, harvested, and shucked maize and also grew and picked cotton – in very large fields, not just some little community garden in the back of the school.
  5. Shortcoming: I don’t have any…seriously…you actually expected to read about one here?…not me! Okay… that’s my shortcoming – I don’t enjoy talking about my shortcomings because then people would KNOW of them and then they would notice them and then that would be all they see. Or maybe all I would see.
  6. Goal: I am working very hard to be truthful in all I say, do, feel, and think (including my shortcomings).
  7. Fact: I am not amused by people who think its funny to pass gas ( I’m uncomfortable even typing that). I’m having to lighten up now that I have two young kids.
  8. Goal: I want to raise my children to be whatever The Universe/God/Source/Great Spirit/Allah intends for them to be and to never impose my wishes on them.
  9. Fact: I love to travel. I miss being able to travel as much as I used to.
  10. Fact: One of my most peaceful moments on this earth was actually when I was in a hot air balloon (above the earth) flying over the beautiful red sand dunes of the Namib dessert.
  11. Shortcoming: I have lied and cheated to win a game…still a little embarrassed but don’t regret it and don’t intend to do it again.
  12. Fact: I love to laugh, love people who make me laugh, love to make people laugh, love to hear laughter, love that humans are capable of laughter, love stand-up comedy (have attempted it, too) and hope to die laughing.
  13. Habit: I make my bed in the mornings and if I don’t, I will make it before I go to bed at night.
  14. Fact: I have gone whitewater rafting on the Zambezi River, starting out under the Mosi-o-tunya (AKA Victoria Falls). I felt very brave doing it.
  15. Habit: I enjoy a good cup of coffee in the mornings – peaceful, early morning and outdoors is always sought but (lately) rarely possible.
  16. Fact: I take great pride in mothering well – whether it’s my own children, my relatives’, my friends’ or strangers’ kids.
  17. Goal: To have a small but fabulous collection of clothes, shoes, and accessories that are always “a sure thing.” I sincerely LOVE fashion and am working on dressing outside the box.
  18. Secret/Fact/Goal: I love the stage – not just performances, but wanting to be on stage…I would get a real kick out of being a Vegas showgirl or a Broadway actress or even in a circus.
  19. Fact: I love every age that I am and have never, nor ever will, lie about or hide my age from anyone who wants to know. FYI – I am 43 years old.
  20. Fact: I can’t stand the taste of raw onions – yuk! disgusting! icky! vomit!
  21. Creating this blog is me “daring greatly” as a wonderful author (Brene Brown) recently wrote about. My intention is simply to share my truths and in the process of doing so, to discover some truths about people and the world. My hope is that we can do this together.

Truthfully Yours,



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